• The News Futurist - Keynote Speaker on the Future of News

    One of the most innovative theories of the 21st century is the idea that newspapers, magazines, and broadcast news will one day become obsolete. In this new age, a News Futurist believes that journalists need to be recognized as credible story guides and be credible on emerging platforms. She suggests that journalists use different storytelling techniques, such as 360 videos and gaming engines, and offer behind-the-scenes footage. Whether it is about the future of newspapers or the future of science, the News Futurist can give us a glimpse of what the future holds. Get Latest News visit https://newsfuturist.com/.



    The world of work has changed dramatically since coronavirus restrictions were introduced. Some workers are busier than ever, while others are suffering in a new work environment. Some of these workers are busy as they adjust to the new work environment, while others are experiencing a depressing change. But this new world of work is also creating a new breed of people: the News Futurist. She travels the world delivering keynote speeches and online conferences, speaking to a global audience from her Sydney office.


    The founders of the News Futurist have created a platform where readers can explore the future of science, technology, and the arts. It has a website with three million unique visitors a month, 140 million video views, and partnerships with Nokia, The White House, and the Prime Minister's Office of Dubai. In addition to providing news and information, the News Futurist also has a native advertising arm. It is also growing in popularity.


    Ross Dawson is an expert on the future of media and news. He is also a keynote speaker, with an extensive list of topics available. He tailors his speeches based on the audience and the client's requirements. His speech will inspire attendees to embrace the future of news. Contact the office of Ross Dawson to discuss the topic and title of the keynote and how he can customize the speech to fit your audience. There is no limit to what the audience will be inspired to do in the future.